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Repairing is Caring

AMG Auto Repair actually does belong to Josue - a cheerful guy with an almost crazy obsession with cars. He and his team of specialists have learned to translate this obsessive nature into impressive service, repairing automobiles with such finesse, it's almost an artform. Josue and the rest of his garage is committed to caring for cars with top-notch service and repairs, because the longer a car lasts, the better for you, for the environment, and for your beloved automobile.

years of combined
auto repair experience

Quality Supplies

We use only high-quality consumables for servicing your vehicles.

Expert Mechanics

Our mechanics undergo rigorous training and apprenticeship before handling cars.

Authentic Auto Parts

We use authentic auto spare parts straight from manufacturers.

Integrity & Passion

Primary goal is to provide every customer the best automotive service and repair possible to keep our customers safe on the road

We do it all

Offering Automotive Repair & Maintenance As
Well As Specialty Auto Services Including:

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